Sunday, 17 August 2008

Melt Pot In Da House (and the big 30)

Could you get a bigger 30 on a birthday card?!

Thank you sis for reminding me just how old I am now! (That said, I am still 29 if anyone asks me. Besides, I have been asked for ID *twice* in 3 weeks to buy cigarettes!!!)

It was one of the strangest birthdays I have ever had, being in new surroundings, not waking up to the aged parents singing "Happy Birthday To You" (they text me it instead lol!)

I felt "reet spoilt" with all my prezzies and cards! Mumsy bought me some flowers too!

The Window Sill of Birthday Cards (and flowers!)

Got some stonkingly stunning gifties! Some crafty people have craftily looked at my wish list here on my blog and fulfilled two of my wishes! I got the Tim Holtz DVD (his first one) *and* some Chapel Road Art Stamps...

Craft wise, I also got my much hankered after Melt Pot, UTEE, To Dye For Inks and other accessories to go with it. But most stonkingly of all, I got a cake stand! (OK, you may be thinking what on earth does she want with a cake stand and how does that fit in with being crafty - let me explain...)

A Baa-Me Chick bought one to use as decorative storage for her crafty bits and bobs, and my Freaky Deaky Friendie followed the trend. I have fancied one myself for ages, but no room for it in my previous craft space. Who bought it for me? Mumsy of course! I am using it to store all my Melt Pot stuff, and I think cake stands rock! (as long as they don't have cake in them lol!) Other crafty bits I got included an additional bead storage box that I had been dying for :)

My Prezzies (and Birthday ATCs in the background!)
Other prezzies I got included money (some of which will go on crafty stuff no doubt!), Diddl writing pad, Diddl letterset, Lush Gift set "Happy", Lush Happy Hippy shower gel, Heavenly Bodies buttercream, Care Bear top, a superbly special mouse mat, grow your own Birthday Gerbara, Mamma Mia soundtrack, lovely smellie candles and a lusherly turquoise/brown/pewter coin purse...
Mumsy pulled out all the stops with her handmade card! Laura Ashley papers/epoxy stickers and pretty prima flowers and a peridot (my birthstone) brad.

Super Duper Card from Mumsy (and Freaky Deaky Dad)

I also got some fab RAKs off crafty peeps, both cards and ATCs, check 'em out! You can't really see them properly in the piccie of my gifties, so here they are in full view! These are all made by members of the various Yahoo groups I belong to...


Hayls76 said...

Oh my gosh! I'm soooo sorry hun, I honestly didnt realise that it was your 30th birthday? I thought it was next year! I would have made a special card for you babes. Sorry about that! I'm glad you liked your pressie though x

lv Hayls xx

Freaky Deaky Crafty Chick said...

Doesn't matter hun, I am still 29 in my mind lol! In denial about the big 3-0! And I looooove my prezzie :)

Hayls76 said...

lol awww ok! I was worried you might be upset! lol You got some lovely cards from your yahoo group pals too didnt you!

Freaky Deaky Crafty Chick said...

Yeah... I did! Felt really spoilt! (and no way could I be upset if you forgot I was t-h-i-r-t-y cos the first card I opened with a number on it caused a mild heart attack lol!