Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Prezzies Galore from FDF and Melt Pot Experiments!

I couldn't see my Freaky Deaky Friendie until today (mwah!) but we had a Melt Pot Party! Yeah! First though, wow, I got prezzies galore (I told her off for getting so much but she never listens - talk to the hand lol!)

Lookie at the piccie! A Mimi mini mini mini tote (sooooooooo cute), which was just the bestest surprise ever! I also got some rubber stamps that I have been dying to own! Hero Arts Create collage stamp, 2 Crafty Individuals Stamps (little girl in Paris and an Oriental lady - yes I am bonding with Oriental and my FDF is being very supportive of this lol!).

Also in my pile of prezzies there are packets of jute and co-ordinating paper covered wire, metal embellishments, metal distressed word charms, glitzy heart beads, Queen&Co. mini brads (funky-wunky ones) and my fave kind of eyelets, adonised ones! As if that wasn't enough (naughty FDF spending so much money) I also got a pack of Diddl pens which are the best Diddl pens you can get 'cos they write in different colours.

It took a fair while to open all those gifties!

My FDF bought her melt pot along for our melt pot party, and we played! FDF melted was in hers, I farted round with UTEE etc. This shows my melt pot which has clear UTEE, a sprinkle of the flex, the green and yellow UTEE Brightz and a sprinkling of white UTEE... lusherly colours, all marbling and melting into each other, with a little help from the spatula that came in my toolz set (don't rate the tweezers/spoon tool do we FDF?!)

Melting Moments...

Here's a piccie of all the bits and bobs we created between us. We tried dipping and then stamping into corrugated cardboard, which had some fab effects! We also used some molds that I had - a face, butterflies, and a flower button - we were dead chuffered at how these came out - the finished effect of poured UTEE that has set is soooooooooo smooth... like a boiled sweetie!

All Our Bits and Bobs!

We also tried dipping punched circles from an egg carton and stamping into them and that effect was molto magic. Because the stamp we used was quite intricate, the pieces look like a real sea sponge texture. Top notch! One piece we left plain 'cos it looked too pretty to stamp into!

Dipped Egg Carton Circles

A most successful Melt Pot Party! Watch this space for more from me and my Melt Pot lol! I need to give him a name... suggestions on a postcard lol! Melvin? Michael? Mickey?

Ooh, and I got another New Home ATC (from Kathleen, my crafts blog - check it out, it's on my blog list)

New Home ATC

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